Last year, Maryland had $1.9 billion worth of lottery sales. $676.8 million of that came from scratch-off tickets (Baltimore Sun). An increasingly popular form of gambling, but one that many believe is not able to win much with.

The Montgomery County Tale

A 68-year old, Gaithersburg retired county employee just hit the jackpot. While playing a “Deluxe Crossword” scratch-off ticket, he won the grand prize of $50,000. It was an unbelievable moment for the man. “I was very calm,” he said, “I looked at it, and I looked at it again, and then once more. Every time, it was a $50,000 winner.”

While working on a delivery for his part time job, he passed a Liberty Gas Station and decided to stop in. He hadn’t planned on buying a ticket that day, but since he was passing by he figured why not. The man said, “I noticed several ‘Deluxe Crossword’ tickets in the store’s trash can, right there on top. I figured that maybe the game was due for a win.”

He was certainly correct about that. He won himself $50,000 which him and his wife will use to pay off several debts which had accrued over the year. And with these debts paid off, they can now travel a lot sooner than they had originally expected.

This is just one of many lottery stories that happen across the state every month. Read more about this one and others at And stop by your local MD Lottery retailer and start your winning story, today!