On December 1st, Wise and Quince Orchard went at it an the 2017 Maryland 4A Highschool Football Championship game.

Coming into Saturday’s game, the Wise Pumas were working on an undefeated season at 13-0. They were actively on a 41 game winning streak and were the two-time defending state champions. The Quince Orchard Cougars had quite a match up ahead of them. In the previous year, the Cougars had lost 42-7 to the Pumas in the championship game. They used this as their motivation to get back to the championships this year.

The Game

When you put two of the best schools in Maryland against each other, it’s bound to be quite the show. Quince Orchard started off strong scoring the first points of the game with a touchdown. Wise didn’t respond until the second quarter when they scored 13 points.

Quince Orchard didn’t let the change of lead discourage them. The Cougars came out pumped up after half time and scored¬†seven more points to take back the lead from the Pumas.

The fourth quarter is where it all fell apart. The Pumas had a huge drive all the way down to the 5-yard line. The next play gave Quince Orchard hope, but maybe a little bit too much. The Pumas’ QB threw a bullet pass but didn’t see the defender coming towards his receiver. The Cougars had a huge interception which they thought would win the game for them. However, the Pumas were able to force the Cougars to punt it before they could work their way down the field.

This is when Wise went off. The QB and RB duo worked their magic down the field to the 20-yard line. After that, the RB had an incredible rush down the side breaking a tackle with a perfect stiff arm and then continuation into the endzone. Wise did not let up after this and scored 25 huge forth quarter points to win.

The final score was 38-20. The Wise Pumas became the first Maryland 4A team to ever win three consecutive championships. This is Wise Highschool’s fourth 4A championship title in their 12 years of existence.

More Work is Needed

Quince Orchard will have a long off-season to figure out how to build their team up and attempt to make it to the championships for the third year in a row. Hopefully the next time they meet, the Cougars can continue their progress against Wise. In 2016 Wise won 42-7 and now in 2017 Wise won 38-20, Quince Orchard has significantly narrowed the deficit over the past year.