The Gaithersburg Community Museum may not look like much, but it’s a whole lot of history. It’s located in the restored B&O Railroad Station from 1884, and features different historical exhibits that are guaranteed to excite and educate.


The Museum is located in an old railroad station, the Gaithersburg Railroad Station that was built in 1884, in Historic Park. In 1978, the Station was put on the National Register of Historic Places. Their current exhibit, “On the Homefront: Gaithersburg in World War 1,” explains how the Station and Gaithersburg played a role in the War.

The Museum partners with the Gaithersburg Historical Association to collect photographs, documents, and various other historical artifacts that tell the long history of Gaithersburg. Together, they look closely at every artifact they’ve gathered to pick out just the right things for the museum.


As aforementioned, the Museum’s¬†current exhibit is “On the Homefront: Gaithersburg in World War 1,” but there are more features and exhibits to explore.¬†There’s an activity room for your children to play with model trains, put together a railroad, and work on engaging worksheets. Along with that there’s an old time General Store, the First National Bank of Gaithersburg, a classroom, and more!

Along with exhibits, the Museum also hosts a variety of other things like a historic buildings walking tour, Discovery Days, Museum After Hours, Sky watching, and Storytime Station. A plethora of events for all ages and interests!

Get there today!

If you’re interested in Gaithersburg history, or just want something to do, come down the the Gaithersburg Community Museum today! It’s lots of fun and entertainment in one building, you’re bound to love it.

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