We’re not sure why, but people just love to wonder out onto a frozen pond or lake and then fall right in. Earlier this week, a kayaker journeyed out into Seneca Creek and had to be rescued.

Chasing a Drone

The individual had been trying to get some cool shots of the frozen water using his drone. A gust of wind came along and knocked it right out of the sky and made it land on the creek. The man then found a kayak and embarked out to go save his UAV.

Because of the fluctuating temperatures (it was at one point in the 50’s) the ice was not stable. Once the kayaker made it out to the drone, the ice gave out, leaving him stuck out in the middle.

The Special Operations Swift Water/Ice Rescue team had to be called to the scene to come get the kayaker. No injuries were reported and the kayaker made it out with a new appreciation of frozen water.