The MoCo police takes driving drunk very seriously. In their first month of the annual Holiday Task Force, they have already made over 100 driving under the influence (DUI) arrests and more are sure to come.

The Holiday Task Force

The Holiday Task Force sets up sobriety checkpoints, tickets hosts of underage drinking parties, and regulate businesses ensuring that they are not selling alcohol to underage individuals.

The numbers are amazing for the arrests. Week by week, here’s the breakdown:

  1. November 16-18: 19 DUI arrests and 2 alcohol citations for underage drinking
  2. November 21-22 & 24-35: 43 DUI arrests, 4 alcohol citations for underage drinking, and 3 criminal arrests
  3. November 29-December 2: 24 DUI arrests
  4. December 6-9: 26 DUI arrests

Cracking Down on Drunk Driving

Laws on drinking and driving have become more and more strict in Maryland after multiple unfortunate events occurred. The first was in 2015 when Montgomery County Police Officer, Noah Leotta, was killed when he was hit by a repeat offender drunk driver. From this, all drunk driving offenders are required to have ignition interlocks.

The next event was also in 2015, two high school students died in a crash following an underage party. From this, the Alex and Calvin’s Law was enacted, setting a $5,000 fine and possible jail time to party hosts who serve minors alcohol.

This holiday season, please stay safe. Be cautious while on the roads, always keep an eye out for other drivers who may be impaired. And if you choose to partake in holiday festivities, make sure you have a safe ride home. Call a friend, your parents, or an Uber. The cost of an Uber sure is a heck of a lot less than a DUI arrest and ticket. And surely less than a medical bill should you get in a crash.