This morning threw alot at Gaithersburg. Thousands of power outages were reported across the DC & MD suburbs. These may have been caused by the same event that lead to major traffic delays on MD-28. Which may have been caused by the rain we received…

A Whole Mess

This morning started off with temperatures many had been wishing for after that extreme cold we experienced. Most areas were in the 50’s and 60’s! But there was an eerie fog that set itself across the state and rain had been falling all morning.

Starting as early as 5AM, reports started to come in saying that there were wide spread power outages across the area. In the DC & MD suburbs alone, 3,200 homes were without power. There were 5,200 more outages reported in Northern Virginia.

What may have caused these outages? Well commuters who take MD-28 to work found out quickly. A utility line had fallen down, leaving wires spread across the highway which ended up shutting down both sides completely. They have since been cleaned up and traffic flow has resumed.