Austin Perine, an Alabama native, is coming to visit Gaithersburg on February 10th. Four year old Perine believe that everyone deserves love and wants to spread the message. When Perine first discovered that people were homeless and didn’t have what he had, he decided that it was time for him to start feeding the homeless. A few short months later, he was on Steve Harvey’s show.

Perine says “Don’t forget to show love!” This started a trend, and now the first ever #ShowLove Fest is being hosted by him and the Montgomery County Humane Society in February. This event will feature a Q+A session with Perine, as well as presentations from the city’s homeless services division.

There will also be an animal video festival, where attendees can share their favorite animal videos, they just need to submit them in advance. You can submit a video on Facebook or Twitter by tagging @ArtsontheGreen and using #ShowLove, and maybe you’ll be a part of the show!

“I feel like a real life super hero, saving the day,” Perine says in his interview with Harvey. Perine’s dad is taking him to 10 different cities to help the homeless, and with the help of the $500,000 donation to the Show Love Foundation, he will be able to reach so many people and change so many lives.

To donate and feel like a superhero, visit this website. Follow Austin Perine’s Facebook and Twitter to keep updated on what good he is doing. Don’t forget to #ShowLove!