Gaithersburg is no newcomer when it comes to winter weather. We’ve all witnessed the meteorologists warning us about the snow and dangerous weather, and we’ve all prepared for worse before, but here’s exactly what this winter storm means for you.

The snow is likely going to start to stick around 1 p.m. and keep falling until around 3 p.m. However, there is still a winter weather advisory in affect until 9 p.m. tonight. The roads will freeze overnight, so be safe tomorrow morning. Click here to get updates on any major accidents that happen on Maryland roads.

For school delays and closings, visit the Twitter thread below. Lots of schools are closing early due to these future weather conditions.

After the snow falls, there will still be dangerous weather conditions. It’s expected to be below freezing for a while longer than today and tomorrow, so make sure you know the weather and the driving conditions of the day before embarking on your commute to work.

Stay safe, and stay warm out there!